Trust Channel Blend as your Call Center Experts

November 6, 2013
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Call Center Capabilities:

At Channel Blend we are a full service call center capable of collaboration and participation with clients to meet all of their lead generation and customer retention services.  Channel Blend was founded in 2003 and has grown in the marketplace to be an important voice and service in the following industries: auto insurance, higher education, health insurance, and the mortgage industry. Our impact is manifested in our services of warm transfers, lead qualification, customer retention, and satisfaction surveys.

Lead qualification is one of the core competencies of ours at Channel Blend.  Collaborating with our clients, we help filter and establish strong leads and then warm transfer the potential lead to our clients.  Outsourcing lead qualification takes one of the most time consuming and difficult processes of sales off of the shoulders and responsibilities of our clients.  By providing strong potential leads, we assist our clients in improving their sales, decreasing attrition, and in reducing overall costs.

Warm transfers are at the heart of positive lead generation.  Without someone to reach out and establish contact with a potential lead after they have submitted their information, the potential lead will quickly lose interest and is unlikely to respond enthusiastically.  By immediately contacting a potential lead as they submit their information in their desire to learn more about the different industries with which we work, the potential lead is still highly interested in the topic and apt to respond.  After answering questions, addressing concerns, and establishing report, our customer service representatives transfer the call to our clients, and, with the potential lead and our client on the phone, review the gathered information.  After the handoff our representatives disengage the call and process the next lead as it becomes available.

At Channel Blend we are customer retention experts.  We offer several services, including follow up calls and reminders to potential leads, to ensure that once the initial contact of the potential lead has been established that the lead will follow through and complete the sale.  Partnering with our clients we are able to ensure higher sales and retention through consistent and targeted follow through, reminders, and tasks as set forward by our clients. 

Finally, customer satisfaction surveys are an important aspect of any business.  They give insight into how a product or service was received by the customer of our client.  We are able to gather valuable feedback to increase sales and to reduce attrition.  Customer surveys are an important aspect of all parts of a sale and in the overall retention of our clients’ customers.

Channel Blend is pleased to offer a wide spectrum of services to fit the various niches and demands of our clients and their customers.