Customer Retention in a 3rd Party Call Center

November 19, 2013
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Are your customers really happy?

At Channel Blend we understand the need of maintaining and retaining our clients’ customers.  Attrition is one of the largest concerns that every company faces.  The problem has root in the fact that the United States advertising and market industry has created a culture that lacks loyalty and rewards customers to end their relationship with their current, and often, long-standing providers for new deals and offers.  This culture has placed a greater emphasis on customer signup, with bonuses, discounts, and reduced prices, than that of loyalty rewards, discounts for continued services, and longevity recognition. 

Knowing of the signup culture that has festered in the marketplace, it is easy to understand why working with an outsourced company to retain customers can be considered a risk for some companies.  However, at Channel Blend we know the importance of maintaining excellent customer service and retaining clients and have worked diligently to create and provide our clients access to services and tools developed specifically for customer retention.

The Channel Blend client retention tools include both a customer retention platform and intelligent satisfaction surveys.  Our retention tool is customized for each clients’ needs by creating contact points to ensure the completion of a sale and follow through of the purchaser, to integrated strategies that work together with the needs and wants of our clients.  Our satisfaction surveys target the most important issues of our client’s customers.  We act as an impartial third party to ensure the quality and integrity of the survey while still asking approved and appropriate questions.  Our satisfaction surveys are aimed at discovering the source of any problems while learning new ways to improve overall customer satisfaction from the recommendations and feedback of the customers. 

We know that the success of a business is through the lifetime value of their clients’ customers.  Working together to ensure that sales are more than a single purchase and a short or prematurely canceled contract is a burden and responsibility that Channel Blend takes neither lightly nor trivially.  Channel Blend knows the importance of client retention and cooperates and collaborates with our clients and their potential leads and customers to create the best customer experience possible.