Idaho Falls and Call Centers

April 14, 2014
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Idaho Falls and Call Centers! 

Idaho Falls is an ideal location for Channel Blend, as it brings a unique blend of job growth and opportunity to a mid sized community that is growing every year.  In the late 90s, the city of Idaho Falls pushed to grow the customer service and technology markets in Idaho Falls to improve the overall economy throughout the valley.  During that time Qwest Communications Internal, Inc., opened a call center, as did Center Partners.  Idaho Falls was already growing in the telecommunications industry with Melaleuca’s corporate office already established in the area.  To the north of Idaho Falls, Western Watts opened a call center for students studying at the private university, and in Pocatello Convergys opened a call center as well.  Now nearly twenty years after the expansion of the call center industry in Idaho Falls a great wealth of talented and trained call center veterans reside in the area. 

Since their opening, several of the call centers have closed for corporate reasons not attached to the area, such as Qwest being bought out by CenturyLink and Center Partners downsizing.  With the closure of these call centers, At Channel Blend we have benefited by hiring experienced call center experts and professionals that are familiar with call center technology, metrics, and professional courtesy.  This wealth of experienced call center professionals has given us a major boost in the quality of hires and the level of customer service we deliver, both to our clients and to their potential leads. 

With the experienced staff at Channel Blend we have established ourselves as one of the most impressive call centers in Idaho Falls.  We continue to grow and to bring on new clients while providing the best service and highest level of customer and client satisfaction.

Looking to the future, Idaho Falls is ever expanding.  With new plans to develop the North Loop electrical capabilities, expanding the city limits, and new expansions to the regional airport, Idaho Falls continues to grow as the regional hub throughout Southeast Idaho.  Employment opportunities are growing along with educational opportunities, bringing new talent into the area.

Channel Blend is pleased and excited to be on the forefront of call center technology and industry in the Idaho Falls area and expects to continue to grow with the area for years to come.