The Importance of Proper Training

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February 28, 2014
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The Importance of Proper Training

Channel Blend is one of the largest and most successful locally owned and operated call centers throughout Southeast Idaho, and based in Idaho Falls.  One of the major aspects that separated Channel Blend from our competitors is the high level of training and the professional skill-sets that our employees bring to our clients and their potential customers.

One of Channel Blend’s core competencies and markets is working with potential students and enrolling them in educational courses.  Matching potential students to the best possible program takes superior training rooted in working with the information provided through the following call we immediately place upon their submission online for more information. 

Every part of the enrollment process is critical, and at Channel Blend we work specifically with qualifying leads of interested potential students with programs and courses that best match their interests and desires.  To accomplish a high rate of enrollment, we focus our training on identifying expressed interests of the potential student.  This interest may not always be readily apparent, nor might it be immediately expressed, rather our staff works together with the potential student to find out what their interests are before proceeding to the next step of the enrollment process.  This is important to our clients as they want to ensure the highest percentage of enrollments possible, therefore our staff is trained to work together with both the potential student and the enrollment center throughout the initial process of enrollment.  Our studies and data have shown that this increases enrollment and commitment completion at the highest rates in the industry.

Another focus of our training program is to work with our clients in providing the best materials possible to achieve campaign goals and fulfill campaign metrics.  We have a wide variety of educational training programs that we provide our staff, and work together with our clients to train our staff on their materials to ensure that we are following their guidelines to their quality specifications.

At Channel Blend we take training very seriously and continually strive for the highest quality standards in the industry.  Through our continued training of our staff we are able to meet and exceed campaign objectives while performing exemplary customer service and attain the highest enrollment rates desired by our clients.