Lead Marketplace Competition

December 5, 2013
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 Online Marketplace:

The auto insurance industry is one of the most competitive and volatile industries in the United States.  With national insurance agencies spending millions in advertising on the internet, television, radio, and print media, the public is saturated with different company names, logos, and jingles from which to choose.  With that in mind, numerous companies work online to generate leads and potential sales as people are searching for new automobile insurance information, better rates, and lower out of pocket expenses.  At Channel Blend we work together with auto insurance companies directly assisting with marketplace competition and lead generation.

Automobile insurance companies utilize internet advertising by most commonly creating a website to capture potential user information.  Typically, a user will land on an aggregate automobile insurance website and proceed to voluntarily submit information triggering a phone call from one of our customer service representatives.  Once that information is secured, we ascertain the potential lead’s interests, needs, and limitations, and then warm transfer the potential lead to an independent agent, captive agent, or direct writer that will offer services and assist the lead in signing up for new auto insurance.

At Channel Blend we work together with people desiring, and in need of, auto insurance by connecting them with independent agents, captive agents, and direct writers competing for new clients.  We understand that the lead marketplace competition to sign auto insurers is fierce, and we therefore employ speed, consistent processes, and an ability to connect with the consumer.  To stay relevant in the industry and to best use resources available it is important to make immediate contact with potential leads, identify their needs and wants, and ensure that the potential lead is then warm transferred to an agent equipped with the information and rates to sign the potential lead immediately.  At Channel Blend our warm transfer system and direct calling system is a proven, efficient way to assist connecting potential leads to agents willing and wanting to work with them.

Channel Blend was founded in 2005, and continues to grow locally and online as a lead generation and warm transfer call center able to assist companies in their sales.  Working together with both potential leads and our clients, we ensure reduced costs for our clients, while delivering efficient, dependable results.