Welcome to our NEW website!

May 6, 2013

Introduction to Channel Blend:

Thanks for visiting our new website! We are excited to share with you the nuts and bolts of how we work. Channel Blend has been around since 2003, we are a warm transfer and lead qualification call center located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Idaho has been a great place to have a call center because of the great workforce that we have walk in our door. We are located at 451 Park Avenue in the historic part of downtown Idaho Falls. Below are few pictures of the downtown area:

  • Idaho Falls Downtown, Channel Blend

Channel Blend employs approximately 200 individuals. We are very lively and believe in a positive work environment. We are proud of the technologies we have created and look forward to sharing them with everyone. Channel Blend's main business is qualifying internet sales leads. For example, if someone fills out an internet form to request more information about their auto insurance, that information gets sent directly to us. Next, we will call them (sometimes even before they leave the website), ask them a few qualifying questions, and then transfer the prospect to a qualified, licensed agent that will then make the sale. Some companies succeed at their business operations, but are not equipped to handle outbound dialing. That is where we come into play!