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Paula Brown


Paula has been serving the Delaware Nation since 2011. She has held multiple leadership roles within the organization including CEO and President of Delaware Nation Investments. Delaware Nation Investments is the proud owner of Channel Blend. Paula brings expertise in the management of small businesses and innovation of tribal structure. Her mission is that Channel Blend maintain a strategic focus and ensures customer satisfaction and employee value is top priority.

Jeff Neiswanger


Jeff brings over 30 years of contact center leadership and experience. Jeff utilizes his strategic business sense, as well as his industry expertise, to paint the vision for new service offerings which will continually deliver top-line growth to our Clients. Throughout the years, Jeff has consulted for many in-house contact centers with varying focuses. Utilizing these experiences and knowledge, Jeff is an extremely versatile leader who has proven capability of evolving effortlessly within this ever-changing industry.

Tyler Archibald

VP Business Development

As a small business owner with a BBA degree in Computer Information Systems, Tyler brings entrepreneurship and technical insight to our team. Beginning as a marketing consultant for a unique benefit-offering, it was recognized that Tyler’s capabilities could benefit other facets of Channel Blend. As Vice President of Business Development, Tyler possesses the skills to develop, calibrate, and corroborate successful company, Client, and customer strategies.

Derek Christiansen

VP of Operations

Derek joined Channel Blend in 2007 and brings sales, employee management, Client engagement, and many years of past call center experience to the table. At present, Derek functions as both a Project Manager for several campaigns and as the Vice President of Operations. Both roles require continued communication and unrelenting commitment to current/potential Clients, management, and very importantly – our employees, during day-to-day operations.

Rand Fugate

VP of Information Technology

Joining I.T. in 2006, it’s undeniable that what Rand brings to Channel Blend is exclusive and elemental. Rand focuses on the continuous expansion of our custom dialing platform, as well as new advancements for existing and future business relationships; working tirelessly to ensure Clients are satisfied on all fronts. From system analysis and design to innovative applications and software development, Rand perpetually creates, manages, and improves a myriad of hardware/software solutions.

Allison Neubacher

Director, Human Resources

Joining Channel Blend in 2007, Allison brings a two-year college degree and communications experience to the team. Allison began her role in Human Resources for the company in June 2010 and focuses a substantial amount of her attention toward interviewing, hiring and recruiting. Much of Allison’s efforts are further directed to disciplinary oversight, compliance measures, compensation, and labor relations. In her role as the HR Director, Allison also serves as a valuable liaison between all departments and employees.

Kodee Little

Project Manager

Since 2004, and as the most tenured member of management, Kodee has worked hand-in-hand with many of the company’s first Clients. As a Project Manager, Kodee works to ensure that the customer acquisition efforts of his Clients remain successful and profitable. Kodee is experienced in working with Clients who specialize in health, supplemental, and auto insurance products, as well as B2B sales, cold-calling, survey campaigns, and cell phone and internet commodities.

Christie Hendrix

Project Manager

Christie became a Project Manager in 2011, and after four years in other management positions in the company. Contributing to Channel Blend’s long-lasting success, Christie has gained experience in start-up and large-scale projects, and communicates with her Clients (daily) to establish achievable goals with superlative results. Having experience in areas such as mortgage, home, and auto insurance, along with education and security products, Christie’s teams have generated over 1,000,000 warm transfers.

Lupe Lopez

Project Manager

Beginning her journey in 2006 as an Agent, Lupe was later promoted into QA and spent approximately three years in the department. Here, Lupe worked diligently to improve employee performance and continued, herself, to grow and flourish. Lupe now operates as a Supervisor and strives to work as a team with all levels of management and her employees. To be successful, Lupe believes that everyone must work together to meet Client goals and overcome/resolve objections.

Amy Berrett

Director, QA and Training

Since April 2007, Amy has demonstrated her capabilities in several positions within the company. Presently, Amy is the Manager of the Quality Assurance and Training department. Amy works diligently to integrate and promote targeted performance and training needs; that of which will uphold our company’s standards of quality and maintain industry and regulatory compliance. The goals of this department focus on working in harmony with Channel Blend Clients, customers, and employees.

Ashley Purdie


Ashley joined the Channel Blend family in 2007 and steadily rose through the company to her current position as a Supervisor. During her time here, Ashley has obtained a BSBA degree, improved upon her leadership experience, and has gained a vast knowledge of the education and insurance branches of the telecommunications industry. Ashley has worked extensively with both manual and predictive dialing platforms, and specializes in cross-functional team leadership, process improvement, and team building.

Cash Hammerland


Conscious of his abilities, Cash came to Channel Blend in 2011 looking for an opportunity to (eventually) thrive in a leadership role. With several years of prior management knowledge and experience, Cash and Channel Blend began to grow together as he moved through various positions within the company. Presently, in his role as a Supervisor, Cash specializes in personnel development and employee management, and plays an integral role to our infrastructure.

Chris Purdie

Computer Systems Analyst

While moving up in the company, Chris became part of the QA team and later chose to further his education in web design and development. Based on his innate and acquired skills, Chris made the transition into the realm of I.T. where he currently works as a Computer Systems Analyst. Chris maintains certifications in: HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and has been building computers (professionally) since 2001.

Alex Pahl

Quality Assurance/Trainer

Alex joined Channel Blend in 2014, and currently serves as both the Orientation Coordinator and as a Quality Assurance Agent. Alex is responsible for introducing new employees to our unique technology, and providing them with an initial training experience regarding company and campaign policies/procedures. Through remote monitoring and side-by-side coaching, Alex ensures employee compliance and success throughout their employment.

Sarah Lucius

Quality Assurance/Trainer

Hired in 2014, and making her way through the ranks from Agent to QA, Sarah is familiar with all campaigns, and works diligently to monitor, evaluate, and coach employees on proper call procedures and sales/transfer practices throughout the center. Sarah is extremely friendly, which makes her very well-suited for not just QA, but for her secondary role as the company’s Back-up Trainer.

Wayne O'Neil

Quality Assurance

Beginning as a B2B Agent in 2006, Wayne expeditiously advanced into a position which would allow him to provide employees with continuous training and coaching. First introduced into the QA department in 2007, Wayne is the company’s most tenured QA member. Clients who are interested in an in-person experience regarding our QA strategies are often paired with him during their visits to our center.

Maria Erives

Quality Assurance

In 2014, Maria was hired as a telephone Agent, and quickly earned herself a place in QA. Here, Maria performs real-time (employee) monitoring, and evaluates performance using audio/visual technologies. To ensure accurate and professional performance, Maria compares the employee’s recorded session against the quality standards of Channel Blend and our Clients. Maria is bilingual and brings great value to the department.

Jake Clark

Business Development Manager

Sirius Black

Admin Supervisor

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