Warm TransfersWarm Transfers

If your spending countless hours filtering calls, scheduling callbacks and leaving voicemails then our Warm Transfer program is a perfect fit for your company. Channel Blend will take internet leads and turn them into qualified, interested consumers. Millions of consumers visit websites inquiring about products and services every day. We have the capabilities to reach out to these consumers very fast (sometimes before they leave the website). Once we reach these consumers, we will ask them a few qualifying questions to ensure interest is still high and then transfer them directly to your sales team. This will also encourage your sales team to be more productive in selling rather than outbound dialing. Whether we're transferring to an in-house call center or a group of agents, we can customize your project to fit your needs.



Customer Retention

Originally created for the satellite TV industry, Channel Blend has created a retention platform that can be customized for each business' needs. For example, if a university has a student enroll and drop out before the first class, we can create a contact point with that student before they have an opportunity to drop out. With today's competition in online universities, our retention platform can help your company protect your most important assets.

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

If you would like to know how your customer's experience was, then Channel Blend's Satisfaction Survey service is perfect for you. We can call your customers and ask a few qualifying questions to ensure they had a pleasant experience. This valuable tool can help retain and drive new business.