Speed to the Lead – Seconds really do matter!

January 31, 2014
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Speed to the Lead

At Channel Blend we are proud of our capabilities and technology to speed to the lead in a matter of seconds after they have submitted their information for review. This process, known as “speed to the lead” is a marketing term about the importance of reaching potential online customers as timely as possible to convert the potential customer into a client.  It requires state-of-the-art technology, a dedicated call center, and highly trained and professional staff which can answer a multitude of questions quickly, effectively, and informatively are all necessary when reaching out to a potential to ensure a successful conversion.

Numerous studies have shown that contacting a potential customer immediately after they have submitted their information is the best way in which to engage their interests and secure a conversion.  At Channel Blend we understand that this is one of the most important aspects of our business that attracts our clients: We offer comprehensive response times to inquiries, often before the potential client has left the webpage.  By contacting these potential conversions, we engage with the lead when their interest is at its peak, we overcome any objections they might have, encourage them to follow through with their commitment, and convert the lead.  Because of our immediate intercession and conversation with the potential they are actively engaged and, after talking with our staff, ready and willing to convert to the next step.

Speed to the lead is important in all industries, and at Channel Blend we apply it to all of our clients and accounts.  Because of our capabilities and fast response times, we are able to service our clients with the best results along with the best customer service to represent their brand.

Located in Idaho Falls, no other telecommunications and call center company competes with Channel Blend for customer satisfaction, services provided, custom software, and the most advanced technology.  We understand how important every lead is to our clients.  We also understand the importance of converting leads, securing and servicing our clients.  At Channel Blend we have built our reputation upon our customer service and our unrivaled capability to speed to the lead.