html1Custom Dialing Strategies

Utilizing our unique dialing strategies, we are able to reach the consumer first. By manipulating the lead flow, our agents are able to connect with the prospect before the competitor, leaving them with a busy signal. As each lead is posted to our system, we analyze and optimize for the best strategy.

linegraphReal-Time Lead Monitoring

As the online lead marketplace has become more saturated, we saw a need to monitor and manage incoming leads in real-time. Managing thousands of leads per hour can be a daunting task, that is where our user-friendly client portal will come in handy to monitor incoming lead quality.

Contact-Form-Element-Text-FieldDynamic Agent Scripts

Channel Blend's Dynamic Script capabilities allow our call center agents to quickly and actively address the needs of the consumer. Because the lead and script interfaces are integrated, agents can toggle between different consumer-approved scripts within seconds. This feature ensures the consumer is receiving information appropriate for their needs.

201205061103223470122Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a program designed to record and monitor every outbound call our center makes. In addition, our QA personel has the ability to individually asses each agent. Each QA session given to an agent takes approximately one hour and evaluates 35 major criteria's including compliance, professionalism, presentation, sales and technical procedures. We welcome our clients to participate in the listening of any agent at anytime.