Tired of getting busy signals, leaving voicemails and scheduling callbacks?

December 10, 2013
  • warmtransferblog

Channel Blend's Warm Transfer Services:

At Channel Blend we combine excellent customer service with custom software, and we have grown into one of the largest call centers in Idaho Falls focusing on lead qualification and warm lead transfers.  We specialize in immediately calling potential leads as soon as they have entered information into one of our lead generation websites, such as requesting information for auto insurance, higher education, health insurance, and mortgage, and follow up on with questions about what they were looking for, if the website met and addressed their needs, and if they would like to speak with a qualified professional right now, and then warm transferring the call.

One of the most important aspects of our business model is that we focus on warm transfers and assisting the potential lead from initial contact to passing the call to our client.  At the point that the potential lead has voluntarily entered information into a website seeking one of our client’s services, we immediately call and contact that person.  Typically we are able to establish contact before they have even navigated off of the website.   Within a few moments we are able to ascertain their desire to receive more information, what specifically they are interested in learning more about, and making a warm transfer from our call center to our client.

The power of the warm transfer lies in continuing the connection established during the initial call.  Our customer service representatives establish the first human contact the potential lead with have with the services of our clients.  As the call progresses and our customer service representatives engage with the potential lead and establish report, they are able to make a connection, learn valuable information, and pass along the useful and insightful information during the warm transfer from our facilities to our clients’. 

Working with our services we are able to help our clients reduce the costs of contacting every potential lead themselves.  Be aware that we do encounter many potential leads that were simply expecting and wanting an email and then decline to engage in more productive dialogues.  However, that also means that without our services our clients would incur the cost of individually contacting potential clients and process mitigation and false leads.

At Channel Blend we work together with our clients and their potential leads by bridging the gap of an initial call to potential sale through warm transfers.