At Channel Blend one of our core competencies and services is the warm transfer. Warm transferring potential leads is a detailed process which includes establishing and verifying information voluntarily entered by the potential lead, lead qualification, and warm transfer handoff to the client. Detailed steps of the Channel Blend Warm Transfer include:

1. First Contact with the Potential Lead

As soon as a potential lead has provided contact information, we call them immediately. This usually occurs before the potential lead has had the opportunity to bounce from the webpage wherein they entered the information. It is important to establish first contact while the client is still interested in the product of services of our clients to ensure the maximum interest and conversion of the potential lead.  learn more

2. Qualify the Lead

During the initial call we will screen and qualify the lead to ensure they are interested in the product or service for which they have requested information, that they meet and exceed all client established qualifications, and are ready and willing to speak with the client directly.  learn more

3. Call the Client

Placing the potential lead on hold we call our client and quickly pass all relative information regarding the potential lead to our client’s representative. We include all relevant information discovered during the lead qualification process.  learn more

4. Warm Transfer Handoff

At this point we conference all the lead into the conversation, introduce the lead to the client, stating again for the potential lead to hear what they want and any objections, special interests, or needs they might have, and then once the client and the lead begin to converse we exit the call.  learn more

The Warm Transfer

is a fundamentally important aspect in qualifying leads and reducing junk leads. By immediately establishing contact with the potential lead as they enter information onto the designated website we are able to capture the greatest number of interested potential leads during their peak interest in the product or service of our client. Through lead qualification and overcoming objections we are able to screen out potential leads truly interested in our clients’ products and services and those that are unwilling to commit.

By following through with a warm transfer handoff we ensure that potential lead has direct contact with our client only minutes after entering their information. Through this process we have been able to assist our clients by significantly reducing the cost of acquiring new business. Without the services of Channel Blend companies will often incur the cost of discovering leads, screening leads, and then qualifying their own leads. Without the proper hardware and software this is an enormous undertaking with high overhead to begin. Additionally the cost of hiring and training staff to qualify and screen leads detracts from completing sales and retaining customer satisfaction after the sale to enhance total lifetime value of any customer.

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