Western American Call Center Dialects

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December 19, 2013
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Idaho Falls Call Center:

At Channel Blend we are an Idaho call center and therefore specialize in Western American Dialects.  Western American dialects are noted for their lack of drawls and sound shifted vowels, meaning that the pronunciation is easy to understand and does not bespeak any one region or dialect – this assists international callers with understanding the spoken word with little to no confusion.

 The Western American dialect is important to numerous businesses that employ the services of Channel Blend because the dialect is easy to understand and is not specific to one geographic area.  This is important to numerous different businesses and industries that want a call center to be located in the United States because the operators are easy to understand. 

Most notably the detectable accents in Southeastern Idaho have the following characteristics:

  • Cot-caught merger – many people in the area do not distinguish between the two, however because of contextual clues there is never a confusion over which word is meant.
  • /ai/ has not glide deletion, as noted in Southern dialects.
  • Western American dialects resembles that of both Canadian and Midland American English with notable differences:
  • Western American dialects has less raising of the /au/ than Canadian accents.
    • The /ai/ diphthong is raised, similar to Canadian accents.
    • /a/ allophones can be rounded or unrounded because of no phonemic distinction between /ɑ/ and /ɒ/.
    • /u/ is fronted as a typical North American dialect.
    • A minority have merged pin-pen.

All accents and dialects considered the Western American dialect of Southeastern Idaho Falls is ideal for any and all industries, sounding both professional and refined. 

At Channel Blend we pride ourselves in being an Idaho call center that hires well-spoken and articulate individuals to represent our clients and to be the first contact with their customers.  We understand that we are the first direct communication most customers or clients will have with our parent company and we work diligently to ensure the best possible professional and courteous impression is achieved.

Contact Channel Blend today to learn more about our Idaho call center and what we are able to provide our clientele.