Performing satisfaction surveys is one of the core services that we provide at Channel Blend. Working together with both our clients and their customers, we are able to conduct third-party satisfaction surveys to increase customer retention and lifetime value of the customer, while addressing any concerns that are raised by the customer therefore increasing overall customer satisfaction. 

Satisfaction Surveys

After a customer has signed with a client they are typically excited to be working with the client and enjoying the product or the service that they were provided. However there are always opportunities to improve and refine the sales and customer satisfaction process. Customer satisfaction surveys are the key to understanding the customer’s experience through the sales process and their satisfaction in the product of service purchased. 

Even when a customer commits and completes a sale that does not necessarily mean that they are satisfied with every aspect of the sales process or that every question has been answered and resolved. By hosting a third party customer satisfaction survey post sale it is possible to uncover any hidden or unaddressed concerns. This allows our clients to revisit the customer and resolve these concerns to safeguard the sale and guarantee that the customer will not cancel the sale. Working together with the new customer sale satisfaction surveys act as the last window of opportunity for customers to voice concerns and provide valuable feedback that can increase the overall sales process and flow of any organization. Channel Blend partners with both our client and our clients’ customers to attain the best sales process

and highest levels of satisfaction for everyone involved. Satisfaction surveys are especially important when third party contractors are part of the sales process or fulfillment process. In some industries once a customer has agreed to services a third party is used to complete the transaction. In some instances the third party can jeopardize the sale and incur cancellations. It is important for our clients to know and understand exactly where in the fulfillment process the customer became dissatisfied and to know who is responsible and what happened to take appropriate steps to guarantee it doesn’t recur and is properly addressed. After acquiring the product or service it is important to revisit customers and determine if they are satisfied with the product or service.

Questions typically discuss and manage expectations as well as provide feedback to our client. This process is simply, usually following a static script, and identifies customers that are likely to cancel services. Unsatisfied customers can be immediately warm transferred to a save team in an attempt to retain services and increase lifetime value of the customer. Satisfaction surveys are a key aspect of any business’ success. Without customer feedback it is impossible to know where the breakdown occurs and why clients lose customers. Collaborating with clients and customers, Channel Blend is able to provide a service aimed and assisting both and in maintaining long relationships.

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