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A Little About Channel Blend

Channel Blend is a warm transfer call center located in historic downtown Idaho Falls, ID. We were established in 2003 and take great pride in the technologies we have created. Our team consists of call center experts, with over 70 years of combined call center experience. Since 2003, Channel Blend has delivered over 3 million qualified leads to our customers. When paired against other call centers, Channel Blend's experience consistently allows them to outperform all other centers.

Qualifying the Lead

If your spending countless hours filtering calls, scheduling callbacks and leaving voicemails then the Channel Blend Warm Transfer program is a perfect fit for your company. We understand that Internet leads can be very costly, and that is why we are available to help you achieve the best return on investment.

Transferring the Lead

Whether your transferring to an in-house call center or a group of agents, we can customize your project to fit your needs. We can transfer qualified leads to specific zip codes or agents, depending on the consumer's geographic location.

Dialing Strategies

Utilizing our unique dialing strategies, we are able to reach the consumer first. By manipulating the lead flow, our agents are able to connect with the prospect before the competitor, leaving them with a busy signal.

Dynamic Scripts

Channel Blend’s  Dynamic Script capabilities allow our call center agents to quickly and actively address the needs of the consumer. Because the lead and script interfaces are integrated, agents can toggle between different consumer-approved scripts within seconds. This feature ensures the consumer is receiving information appropriate for their needs.

Addressing Lead Saturation

The online lead marketplace is highly competitive. The competition for new consumers who have gone online to request a quote is as challenging as ever. A combination of speed, as well as parallel customer and call center strategy, give Channel Blend the leading edge over their competitors. While many operations succeed at selling to consumers, they are not experienced at outbound dialing strategies. Our solution to combine innovative technology and 100% US-based agents allow Channel Blend to access leads quickly.

Warm Transfers

Warm Transfers

Let us qualify your leads! Channel Blend will make the call, qualify the prospect and then warm transfer them directly to your sales staff. This will eliminate wasted time leaving voicemails, scheduling callbacks and getting busy signals. Warm transfers can be a great value added, creating a steady flow of accurately qualified prospects being transferred directly to your business.

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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Let's design a plan together! We can custom design, and strategically incorporate our proprietary platform into any business. We can create custom touch points to contact your consumers to keep them interested or evaluate their experience. If a problem does exist with one of your customers, we can evaluate the situation and escalate it to the appropriate party within your organization.

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Lead Management

We can monitor your most valuable leads. We created our real-time monitoring platform because we understand that sales leads are expensive. Our user-friendly client portal will update the progress of lead suppliers on a real-time basis. This can save on lead costs and ultimately stop the poor performing lead suppliers, as they will be monitored on a real-time basis.

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