The Channel Blend Culture is firmly rooted in our core values, collectively known as The SHINES Mentality: Selflessness, Humility, Integrity, Native Pride, Entrepreneurship, and Servanthood. These values are not just ideals; they are the guiding principles that shape every interaction within our team and with our customers, clients, and partners. Whether it’s demonstrating selflessness in supporting one another, approaching challenges with humility, upholding unwavering integrity in all our endeavors, celebrating our Tribal ownership, fostering entrepreneurship, or embodying a spirit of servanthood, we are committed to ensuring that our dedication to serving your needs shines through in every interaction. With The SHINES mentality at the heart of everything we do, you can trust that your experience with us will be characterized by excellence, authenticity, and a genuine commitment to your success.

Executive Leadership

Paula Brown

Paula’s journey of service to the Delaware Nation spans over a decade, beginning in 2011. Throughout her tenure, she has held various leadership positions within the organization, notably serving as CEO and President of Delaware Nation Investments. As a proud leader of Channel Blend, the organization benefits from Paula’s wealth of expertise in small business management and innovative approaches to tribal structures.

With a steadfast commitment to strategic focus, Paula ensures that Channel Blend prioritizes customer satisfaction and values its employees above all else. Her mission is clear: to steer Channel Blend towards continued success while upholding the principles of excellence, integrity, and inclusivity.

Tyler Archibald
General Manager

Bringing experience as a small business owner and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Computer Information Systems, Tyler brings a blend of entrepreneurship and technical acumen into our team. His journey began as a marketing consultant for a distinctive benefit-offering, where his capabilities quickly garnered recognition for their potential to enhance various aspects of Channel Blend’s operations. Now serving as General Manager, Tyler harnesses his diverse skill set to craft, refine, and align successful strategies for the company, clients, and customers alike.

Rand Fugate
VP of Info Technology

Since joining the Information Technology realm in 2006, Rand has been a driving force behind the continuous expansion of our custom dialing platform and the development of new advancements for both existing and prospective business relationships. Rand’s commitment to client support is unwavering, ensuring that every customer receives exceptional service and satisfaction. From conducting system analysis and design to spearheading innovative applications and software development, Rand’s expertise spans across a multitude of hardware and software solutions. His contributions to Channel Blend consistently bring unique insights and capabilities that propel our company forward in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and customer contact support.

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