The online lead marketplace is highly competitive. The competition for new consumers who have gone online to request a quote is as challenging as ever.

A combination of speed, as well as parallel customer and call center strategy, give Channel Blend the leading edge over their competitors. While many operations succeed at selling to consumers, they are not experienced at outbound dialing strategies.

Our solution to combine innovative technology and 100% US-based agents allow Channel Blend to access leads quickly.


Channel Blend is an innovative customer capture center located in historic downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. We were established in 2003 and acquired by Delaware Nation Investments in 2020. We take great pride in our people, technologies and processes we have created over the years. Our team consists of customer contact center experts with over 70 years of combined experience.

Since inception, Channel Blend has delivered over 7 million qualified transfers to our clients. Our formula for success is simple; exceed customer expectations and the business grows. Our core competency is responding to consumers and businesses who ask to be called from digital advertising. No two clients are the same and Channel Blend works extensively with clients to “crack the code” to optimize their digital advertising initiatives.

We continue to evolve and offer more sophisticated technology and processes that continues to put us in the forefront of our industry. Our SHINES culture is our corporate North Star, and it guides our every interaction and engagement both internally and externally. We ensure our SHINES culture is at the heart of everything we do at Channel Blend.

Qualifying the Lead

If you’re spending countless hours filtering calls, scheduling callbacks, and leaving voicemails, then the Channel Blend Warm Transfer program is a perfect fit for your company. We understand that Internet leads can be very costly and that is why we are available to help you achieve the best return on investment.

Transferring the Lead

Whether you’re transferring to an in-house call center or a group of agents, we can customize your project to fit your needs. We can transfer qualified leads to specific zip codes or agents, depending on the consumer’s geographic location.


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