First Company Acquired Fosters Exciting New Opportunities

Oklahoma City, April 28, 2020 –Delaware Nation Investments, headquartered in Oklahoma, is pleased to announce the planned acquisition of Channel Blend, LLC (Channel Blend), the first acquisition under the Investments parent company.

Channel Blend is a lead qualification contact center specializing in responding to consumers and businesses who request additional information in response to digital advertising. Headquartered in Idaho Falls, Channel Blend was established in 2003 by Jeff Neiswanger when their first client gave them a chance to respond to web form leads. Seven million qualified transfers later, Channel Blend has a simple formula for success: Exceed customer expectations and the business grows.

Delaware Nation Investments is a brand-new parent company under the Delaware Nation, the oldest known nation in the Northern Hemisphere. Paula Brown, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will leverage both the legacy of Channel Blend’s current leadership and Delaware Nation Investment’s progressive vision for continual growth.

The two company cultures merge seamlessly, and Channel Blend will continue to operate as usual. Channel Blend’s services are complementary to Delaware Nation Investment’s portfolio of capabilities. “We are excited to welcome Channel Blend to the Delaware Nation Investments family,” said Paula. “Our combined industry experience gives us a unique opportunity to make a difference in the marketplace.”

About Delaware Nation Investments: Delaware Nation Investments is wholly owned by the Delaware Nation, operating with a Shared Services Business Model which provides the corporate reach-back and proven management that allows them to leverage best practices across their business portfolio. For more information, visit

About Channel Blend: Channel Blend is a subsidiary of Delaware Nation Investments (DNI). Channel Blend provides enterprise call center operations to agencies located throughout the United States. Channel Blend’s mission is “Opening the path to success for those who desire to reach their full potential.” For more information, visit

Contact: Please contact Paula Brown, Chief Executive Officer, at for additional