Lead Qualification

One of our primary services at Channel Blend is to qualify leads. Lead qualification is a key step of the sale process and the step that has the highest rate of attrition. Typically an industry can average that 90% of potential leads will be disqualified from the initial interest of the potential lead for any number of reasons or purposes while qualifying the lead. Channel Blend’s lead qualification process includes:

1. Initial Contact

At Channel Blend we typically establish contact within minutes of a potential lead giving information to one of our or our clients’ websites. This is an important part of the Channel Blend process as we know that peak interest is at its highest at this point and the potential lead is most susceptible to completing a conversion at this point.

2. Verify Information

Once we have established first contact with a potential lead we will verify information to ensure that we are speaking to right person and not someone else. Occasionally people will enter false or misleading information which results in a dead lead. Verifying information is vital to ensure that the potential lead is actually interested in our clients’ products or services.

3. Predetermined Screening Process

At this point we follow the established method our client demands to qualify the potential lead. This usually entails following a predetermined script that can follow a script verbatim or use a dynamic script depending on our client’s preference. We ensure the highest quality and adherence to the script and recording of responses during this step regularly performing quality assurance and auditing. We also allow clients to establish and manage quality assurance on their own or to outsource to a different company if they prefer. We understand the importance of following and maintaining the highest standards during this process.

4. Warm Transfer Handoff

After screening and qualifying the lead we warm transfer the call to our client to continue the sales process.

Lead Qualification is one of the most time consuming and important aspects of the sales process. With the high drop off of potential leads during this step the advantages of working with Channel Blend is obvious: we accrue the costs and the frustrations of processing potential leads reserving our clients’ time and capital in the active stages of the sales process.

Additionally, Channel Blend commits to defined metrics in processing and transferring qualified leads. By establishing a number of processed potential leads before the warm transfer we ensure that our clients will receive the greatest number of processed potential leads. Through established metrics our clients can know exactly how many potential leads they will receive in a typical hour and to appropriately plan. This is vital information in determining the quality and the quantity of leads processed and in determining the number of salespeople needed to process qualified leads. Channel Blend works together with our clients to ensure that all leads are appropriately screened and qualified. At Channel Blend we ensure to process potential leads to maintain a constant supply of potential leads to our clients, increasing their business.

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